Q: I am getting the message “Accessing Apple Store” or “Loading” but nothing happens.

A: Some iPad users experience a problem accessing the first downloaded edition when their iPad’s ‘In-App Purchase’ restrictions are turned ‘Off’. This occurs even if the app itself is entirely free. Try changing your in-app purchase setting to ‘On’. This should only affect the first download, and you will be able to reapply the setting once you have received the first edition download. Go to Settings, then General, then Restrictions. Enter your security code and, under Allowed Content, change In-App Purchases to ‘On’. If you are still having problems, kill the app on newsstand by holding your finger on the newspaper icon. When it starts to wobble press the x in the top lefthand corner and delete. Now go back to the app in newsstand and download it again, remembering to keep In-App Purchases set to ‘On’.